Lucas is a music producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and sound designer. After getting a B.A. in Music Industry and Audio Production, he gained experience at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and then took on an engineer position at Downtown Music Studios in New York. Lucas has written and produced music spanning from country to hip-hop for countless artists, commercials, and films. He currently resides in Rockland County, NY.

“When an artist and producer click, the performance is greater than either can achieve alone. One plus one is way greater than two. I have the passion, patience, musical skills, engineering know-how and determination to bring out the very best in every artist I work with. I have worked with some of the best producers in pop and country music while developing my unique sound fusing country, pop, rock, hip hop and electronic music. Playing all of the instruments from drums to mandolin gives me the freedom to create unique tracks that enhance and compliment vocals and lyrics.”

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