Producer | Mixer | Engineer

  • Full Song Production

    Full Song Production

    All aspects of the recording process, from pre-production to final mixing and mastering.

  • Mixing


    Balancing and enhancing the various elements of a song to create a polished and cohesive final mix that meets the desired artistic vision and sonic preferences.

  • Vocal Tracking

    Vocal Tracking

    Capturing high-quality vocal recordings and vocal comping to ensure a polished final vocal performance that meets the artist’s vision and technical requirements.

  • Tuning & Editing

    Tuning & Editing

    Correct inaccuracies, timing issues, and unwanted noise or artifacts, while preserving the natural characteristics and emotional expression of the performance.

  • Drum Tracking & Programming

    Drum Tracking & Programming

    Capturing high-quality drum recordings, and using software to program and edit drums to enhance the rhythm section of a song.

  • Music for Film & TV

    Music for Film & TV

    Original compositions and soundtracks that enhance visual storytelling, evoke emotions, and complement the on-screen action and dialogue.